Organic / On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is the fundamental basis of every search engine marketing strategy and your organic search engine rankings depend on it.

Thorough research, strategic content optimization, and developing a highly targeted keyword universe are all important components to an SEO campaign. But so is getting to know your business. We’ll take a concerned look at what your company is about and what you’ve done in the past to gain online exposure.

Organic on-page SEO campaigns include:

  • Qualitative keyword & competition research
  • Keyword strategy development: defining primary, secondary and long-tail keywords for each page
  • Title & Meta Description content optimization
  • Image alt tag & link title sculpting
  • Content optimization: crafting keywords into specific and strategic places within the the code and copy
  • XML Sitemap generation and submission to Google Webmaster Tools & Yahoo Site Explorer
  • We practice industry standard / white hat SEO best practices
  • Benchmarking & Reporting