WordPress Plugin Conflict

From time to time one might run into an issue with their WordPress blog or CMS where stuff just stops working. Your visual editor disappears, the widget panel becomes inoperable or something just freaks out… you are most likely experiencing a plugin conflict.

A plugin conflict is when the code or processing from one plugin interferes with the processing of another plugin. The ultimate end is a stalemate and things start to lock up… like your widget panel or visual editor.

Detecting Which WP Plugin In Conflicted

To detect where the plugin conflict lies you have to go through a simple process of elimination. We start by deactivating all WP Plugins.

Step 1: Go to the Plugins page in your WP Dashboard, toggle Active Plugins and check the box in the darker gray bar above the list of plugins to select all. Choose Deactivate from the drop menu and click Apply to deactivate all the plugins at once.


Step 2: Reactivate each plugin one at time, testing the website as you reactivate. I tend to reactivate the most important plugins first, things like Cart66, Gravity Forms or any other plugin that is integral to your site.

Continue reactivating each plugin until you find the one that breaks your site. If you go through this process and you can’t get things working right please submit a support ticket.


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